I want this world to be a beautiful place for our children. We choose to put them on this planet that makes us responsible for their well-being. A world full of joy, love and humanity. A place where they can be themselves and make their dreams come true. Give them space to develop their mind and heart. Let them be the perfect diamonds that they are, so that one day these little stars create the future that they deserve: peace.

Children are perfection. Unfortunately, it is us who destroy their beauty with our programmed mind, selfish desires, protocolled labels. We infect them with our fears and insecurities. Rather than polishing these diamonds for optimal shine, we dim their light so they fit in our narrow-minded world.

They are our hope for a better world. They are my hope. My legacy is to create a platform where children are free to dream. In my world they can live their passion. With KNOW your magic, we are going to provide our children everything they need to spread their sparkles for a better place for future generations.

Coming soon …